With the first money she earned herself, Marlies bought her very first camera – a used Konica T3. She learned the basics of photography, composition, technique, manual development and most of all the influence of light by teaching herself and attending various courses and workshops. Her beloved Konica T3 accompanied her around the globe. When it broke she bought a Canon EOS 300D.

Marlies takes pictures of almost everything: architecture, nature, technology, sport, abstract subjects. Most of her images, however, show an interest in human beings and emotional situations. For her, creating a successful photograph implies addressing the senses of the viewer so that he or she cannot get the image shown out of his or her mind.

“My photographs are meant to stimulate, to move, to inspire and sometimes also to provoke. For me, a series only works if I can pursue new paths, try different angles and directions and maybe can also change points of view.”