«projekt 1431» was founded in 2007 as a network of seven photographers and photo artists. What brought us together was our enthusiasm for creating and presenting our photographic works. For us photographs are a form of art (we see photography as the ‘art of viewing’) and we are constantly looking for new forms of creative expression to explore.

One important aim of the group is to translate topics and ideas into individual contributions that are then discussed within the group. Everyone benefits from these discussions, giving us the opportunity to refine and perfect our personal styles. «Hidden View» is our first cooperative exhibition originating from this artistic group discussion. It shows distinct subjective approaches, different artistic processes and the varied media usage of each of us as well as our individual technical equipment.

The implementation of the chosen topic shows the personal form of expression of each artist. So, a work of art comes into being in which individual work and the composition as a whole engage in a mutual dialogue.