1.   Marlies Ibele  Hidden View: Stuttgart

I’ve been living in Stuttgart for decades now and have a kind of love-hate relationship with this city. On the one hand, I reject the consumerism and fast pace of life; on the other I am constantly looking for the vital things in this time-pressured life, trying to capture them with my camera: in the mornings on the commuter train, in crowded buses, at railway stations, on escalators, on the streets.

I truly believe that this urban world cannot be captured in milliseconds – which is why I prefer long exposures as a way to give form to thoughts and ideas. Blurred, out of focus, anchorless. The omnipresent reflections of the city show its optical sensory overload. This form of photography takes all questions into account, but also leaves them open, creating dynamism and excitement. The merciless rhythm of the city is always disrupted by “human action”. And it is this vitality that never ceases to captivate me – even after all these years.