Dynamic, flexible, mobile – these are the characteristics of urban life in cities. But the speed we live at is constantly increasing, which costs us time as well: the time to pause for a moment, to simply stop on the street, to linger. As a result, we are losing sight of what is natural and self-evident. We notice familiar places, situations and people only in passing, not really appreciating them. We are always just passing through – even in surroundings familiar to us.

With this in mind, we wanted to visually explore our surroundings and the things we take for granted in them. «Hidden View» shows moments, subjects, scenes, objects, landscapes, architectures and people that remain “hidden” to anyone quickly passing by, but that photography can capture. Our theme is a conceptual equivalent to Robert Bresson’s statement about the challenges photographers face:

In this light, our photographs can be seen as evidence of the subjective aspect of what is un-viewable, un-observed, hidden. Making what is hidden visible here symbolically refers to the realization that we only ever experience parts of our reality.

»Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen!«../deutsch/Hidden_View.html
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