It was this camera which lead him to make photography a major part of his life. But when he started out his pictures often turned out empty and somewhat lacking in substance and content. He embarked on a journey through the sciences to better understand his world, studying various theological trends, different mystics, alchemy and even naturopathy. In the end, he found the answers he was looking for, or rather stimulation and inspiration, in philosophy.

This desire to understand things, this quest for truth is an essential, integral part of his life, reflected by his many stays abroad and his very personal insights in various areas of the human game of life. Philosophy is his driving force and the means for his creative outlet in photography. His photographs are the result of these inner processes. They pose questions, but also give answers. They guide the eye to the true things that we lost from our sight and that we sometimes don’t notice anymore. They are documents of time, snapshots showing the naked truth but also always a sensitive, vulnerable beauty. Not rough, but subtle are his messages that only reveal themselves to the viewer slowly and sometimes reluctantly.

Antonino made his first steps into the world of photography as a first grader – using a Zenith TTL his father had bought in 1981. It was a heavy, bulky Russian camera whose many dials and switches caught Antonio’s attention.